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Format: PDF File (Current Guide Version: 1.1)
Alliance Leveling Guide: Yes
Horde Leveling Guide: Yes
Up to date with: Patch 4.0.3a
Time to Level from 80-85: Under 15 hours (Speed test hasn't been performed yet. Many hours can be shaved from this time)

Included in the Guide:

- Leveling Guide for Alliance and Horde
- Daily Quests Guide
- Dungeon and Raid Instance Guides
- Class Guides: PvE and PvP
- Profession Guides
- Achievement Walkthroughs
- Gold Making Guide
- Lifetime Updates

KFGuides - World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Leveling Guide is a detailed leveling guide for both the Alliance and Horde factions through every single Cataclysm zone from Levels 80-85. The guide will instruct you, step by step, through the entire Cataclysm Quest Chain, beginning with the mercenary ship to Vashj'ir and ending with the battle for The Hammer of Twilight. Hands down, this is the most detailed Cataclysm Leveling Guide out there. If you can read, you can follow this guide and go from Level 80 to Level 85 in just a single day! This guide spells out every single step for you, no other research or thinking is required!

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Leveling Guide for Alliance and Horde

Step by Step Directions
The Leveling Guide is written in a way to maximize efficiency and reduce completion time. The entire Leveling Guide is written in numerical step by step directions. Simply begin at Step 1, move onto Step 2 when you complete Step 1, and so on. Ultimately, you will reach the end of the Leveling Guide and will have completed the Mount Hyjal Quest Chain. We have quested through the zones time and time again to maximize efficiency and cut out as many steps as possible, while still accomplishing every task. The result is a very fast, efficient, and easy to follow Leveling Guide.

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Includes Alliance and Horde Leveling Guides
As you know, World of Warcraft contains two separate playable factions, the Alliance and the Horde. Each faction has their own cities, NPCs, and consequently, their own Quest Chains. Thus, having a Leveling Guide for just one faction does you no good if you want to play the other faction! Therefore, we have provided you with Leveling Guides for both factions. Both Leveling Guides were written and tested with the same quality - nothing was left out. Consider this a one-stop-shop!

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Over 1,500 Quests Included
The Leveling Guide covers every single quest in the Cataclysm expansion, including the zones: Vashj'ir, Mount Hyjal, Deepholm, Uldum, and Twilight Highlands. This is for two reasons. The first is so you have the reassurance that you will make the most of your time while following the Leveling Guide. Nothing was left out. We crammed the maximum amount of information possible into the least amount of steps. The second reason is for you Achievement lovers. As you know, every zone offers an Achievement for completing a certain amount of quests (usually just near the maximum available). Simply following our Leveling Guide will earn you those Achievements, guaranteed!

Includes Quest Lists
We also offer you a complete Quest List. The Quest List, quite simply, lists every single quest for the zone. Numbers are assigned to each quest so you can easily find a specific quest. Other than simply listing the quests, we inform you of who begins the quest, who ends the quest, and what the requirements for completion are for that quest. Lastly, check boxes are offered to help you keep track and make sure you don't miss any quests - and if you do, you can quickly find which ones were missed.

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Includes NPC Lists
We also offer you a complete NPC List. The NPC List contains every single NPC involved in the Leveling Guide for the zone. This can help you quickly find the location of a certain NPC should you require that information. Both the Quest List and NPC List are simply there for your further convenience.

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Includes Detailed Maps
As with all of our Leveling Guides, we offer incredibly detailed maps for every zone. The reason is to make it as easy as possible for you to find your way around the zone. Simply telling you to travel a certain distance in a certain location will not help you level quickly, as most of the time you will not fully understand, get lost, or even just have to spend time thinking about it! With our maps, it is incredibly quick and easy to figure out the exact place you need to travel to next. Take a look at the map for Mount Hyjal below to see how much information is packed into it:

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Also Included
-Hundreds of Screenshots
-Color-Coded Text
-Ability to be Printed (without the page background)

Daily Quests Guide

The Daily Quests Guide covers every single Daily Quest in Cataclysm. Daily Quests are covered in the same fashion as normal quests in our Leveling Guide. We also offer a walkthrough on how to complete 25 Daily Quests as fast as possible. Daily Quests for the following factions are included:

-Therazane (Deepholm)
-Ramkahen (Uldum)
-Wildhammer Clan (Twilight Highlands)
-Dragonmaw Clan (Twilight Highlands)
-Baradin's Wardens (Tol Barad)
-Hellscream's Reach (Tol Barad)

When completing Daily Quests, this guide will help you earn the most reputation and gold in the least amount of time every single day!

Dungeon and Raid Instance Strategies

Not Yet Completed
The Dungeon and Raid Instance Strategies section will cover every single Dungeon and Raid Instance in Cataclysm. For each instance, the following will be provided:

-Map of the entire instance with points of interest
-List of every mob and their abilities within the instance
-Strategies for killing trash
-Strategies for killing bosses
-Loot tables

When completing dungeons or raids, our Cataclysm Guide is all that you will need to help your group the most. There will be no need to seek out any other information!

PvE and PvP Strategies for every Class

Not Yet Completed
The PvE and PvP Strategies for every Class section will help you learn how to play as every talent specialization for every class in both PvE and PvP situations. For each class, the following will be provided:

-List of abilities
-Talent Tree breakdowns
-How to spend your Talent Points
-Roles for your class
-How to succeed in PvP

We use both outside expert opinions as well as our own in determining the best strategies for every class. We have played all classes extensively and know everything there is to know about them. It's our goal to make you the best player you can be through this section.

Professions Leveling Guide and Tips

Not Yet Completed
The Professions Leveling Guide and Tips section will guide you in leveling every profession (both Primary and Secondary) from 1 to 525. For each profession, the following will be provided:

-Step by step directions to level from 1 to 525
-List of important NPCs
-List of every recipe (where you get it, required materials, what it makes)
-Important Tips (Who should learn it, how to use it, etc.)

It is our goal to provide you with every ounce of information possible for Tradeskillers. With our Cataclysm Guide, you won't need any other information when deciding on picking, leveling, or using a Tradeskill.

Achievement Completion Walkthrough

Not Yet Completed
The Achievement Completion Walkthrough section will walk you through every single Cataclysm-related Achievement. For each achievement, the following will be provided:

-Step by step directions on how to complete the Achievement
-Strategies for completing harder Achievements
-List of Achievement Rewards

If you are an Achievement lover, then this should be a huge perk for you. You will have all of the information you need to complete every single Cataclysm-related Achievement in record time!

Guild Advancement
You also will receive a Guild Advancement, or Guild Leveling, Guide. Cataclysm introduces the new Guild Leveling system. If you lead a guild, or are simply just in a guild, you definately will want to know the in's and out's to the new system. Covered in the guide are:

-Earning Guild Experience
-Earning Guild Reputation
-Earning Guild Rewards
-Earning Guild Perks
-Earning Guild Achievements

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You can view our Guild Leveling Guide for free by clicking here!


Gold Making Guide

Not Yet Completed
The Gold Making Guide section will offer you many different methods for earning lots of gold. The following methods will be provided:

-Hot spots for farming
-Gold making from Professions
-Using the Auction House
-Secret items worth lots of Gold

Quite simply, with this section, you will never have a problem earning hundreds to thousands of Gold every single day.

Lifetime Updates

As with all of our guides, if you purchase our Cataclysm Guide, you will receive lifetime updates to this guide. Meaning, when information changes or we add more information, you will receive the new guide immediately - forever. You won't ever have to worry about having an outdated guide!


What makes our guide superior?
First off, we offer an incredibly vast amount of information for less money than most other guides out there. You will not find another World of Warcraft guide that offers the many sections we do, in addition to an incredibly detailed Leveling Guide, for anywhere close to our price range. Some guides are $50 for just the Alliance or Horde sections!

Secondly, we offer you such an incredible amount of detail. The current state of the guide is over 500 pages in length! Killerguides, for instance, is only 100 pages in length for everything they claim they offer. If you want some bare common-sense guide like Killerguides, be my guest. But if you want a guide that truly delivers what it promises, then choose ours.

Lastly, we offer you detail and precision. At this point in time, we do not have an in-game addon available. We understand how convenient it is and why other guides (which actually just sell the addon) are so popular. Apart from the in-game arrow that points you in the right direction, their actual guide part is very vague. They don't offer much more than your Quest Log itself! Let alone, 0 screenshots. It may be a slight inconvenience to constantly alt-tab back and forth (or print out the large documents), but once you begin following our guide and going through the zones, you'll be glad you have ours. Not to mention the fact that we also offer considerably more information via all of our other guides added in.

When sizing up the competition, nothing compares to the KFGuides Cataclysm Leveling Guide. Literally.


3 Reasons Our Guide is Worth Your Hard Earned Money

1. It's an ALL-IN-ONE package. Other guides make you buy the Alliance section, Horde section, and then Strategy Guides separately. Once you add them, it's over $70 worth of guides - sometimes as much as $100!
Ours is only $49.95!

2. Our Guide comes with an INCREDIBLE amount of detail! Nobody offers a guide with as much detail as ours. That doesn't even include all of the other Bonus Guides that will soon be added! Other 'Full Comprehensive' Guides come in 100 pages and contain nothing more than fluff.

3. You will have this Guide for LIFE. If you play WoW for only another year, you'll have paid just less than $3.00 per month to access the Leveling Guide and all Bonus Guides. If you play WoW for the entire Cataclysm expansion (say, 2.5 years), that's just over $1.00 a month!



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