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Rift Warfronts Guide

This guide strives to offer complete videos and strategies for every warfront in Rift. This is a work-in-progress, so expect new information to be added often. Click a link below to view the guide for that warfront.

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List of Warfronts
Black Gardens Guide
The Codex Guide
Whitefall Steppes Guide
The Battle for Port Scion Guide


Black Gardens Guide
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Minimum Level to Queue: Level 10
Number of Players: 5-10 players
Goal: Be the first to 500 Points

S = Spawn Point
* = Fang of Regulos spawn point

How Do You Win Black Gardens?

The object of Black Gardens is very simple. You must Right-Click to activate the Fang of Regulos. A player who succesfully activates the Fang of Regulos will then be carrying the Fang of Regulos until they die. While carrying the Fang of Regulos, the following conditions apply:

1. The player's team will earn points every few seconds
2. The player's team earns more points the closer the Fang of Regulos is to its spawn point
3. The player will suffer damage every few seconds, increasing in damage the longer they carry onto the Fang of Regulos
4. The player cannot drop or remove the Fang of Regulos. They carry it until they die.

The first team to 500 points will win the Warfront. Teams also earn points for killing players of the opposing faction.

Thus, the object to the Warfront is having your team collect the Fang of Regulos and carry it longer than your opposing team.


Black Gardens Strategy

Despite earning more points the closer the Fang of Regulos is to its spawn point, the best strategy is to actually carry the Fang of Regulos as close to your team's Spawn Point as possible. Although you will earn 1 point every few seconds instead of 4, your chances of your team carrying the Fang of Regulos is greatly increased.

However, if you can out PVP your opponents, then simply staying near the middle is the best option; as the game will end much faster!

Eventually, the Carrier will die due to the DoT. It is inevitable. It's highly suggested to spam heal the Carrier of the Fang of Regulos, but eventually it will just simply 1 shot them. When that happens, the Fang of Regulos is dropped where the Carrier was standing and is needed to be picked up again. If you are hiding by your Spawn Point, you most likely will vastly outnumber the opposing team. Why? Because when your team dies, they are spawning directly where you are fighting; meaning they can instantly rejoin the battle. When the opposing team dies, they must travel the length of the entire map to rejoin the fight. Since you cannot use Mounts in Black Gardens, this can take as long as an entire minute! A minute of +1s is a lot of points!

As a Carrier of the Fang of Regulos, you should be very conscious as to what is going on and what your job is. Your job is not to kill people. Your job is to live as long as possible and to die near your team! That is so crucially important. If you are about to die, do everything you can to get near as many members of your team as possible. This is so that when you do die, the Fang of Regulos drops within arm's reach of multiple teammates instead of in the middle of nowhere where the opposing team can easily pick it up.

If nobody picks up the Fang of Reglos within about 10 seconds, it returns to its initial spawn point.

In summation, the Carrier should get as close to their team's Spawn Point as possible, do everything they can to survive as long as possible, and die near as many teammates as possible. Doing the above three will almost always insure a victory.


Black Gardens Video

Below is a video of a Black Gardens Warfront.


The Codex Guide
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Minimum Level to Queue: Level 20
Number of Players: 6-15 players
Goal: Be the first to 1000 Points or have the most points after 15 minutes

S = Spawn Point
1 = The Codex
2 = Translation Scope
3 = Statue of Thontic
4 = The Vault

How Do You Win The Codex?

In order to win The Codex, your team must control nodes to earn points. The more nodes your team controls, the more points your team earns. In total, there are 4 nodes: The Codex, Translation Scope, Statue of Thonic, and The Vault. Of the 4, The Codex earns your team the most points. The other 3 nodes combined earn more than The Codex, but only barely.

The numbers are not exact, but roughly your team will earn the following points under the following conditions:

Control The Codex: 5 points
Control The Codex and 1 node: 8 points
Control The Codex and 2 nodes: 11 points
Control The Codex and all nodes: 14 points
Control 1 node: 3 points
Control 2 nodes: 6 points
Control 3 nodes: 9 points

From the above data, you can determine that The Codex is worth 5 points and that the other nodes are worth 3 points. In order to win, you must control The Codex and another Node or all of the nodes except for The Codex.

The first team to earn 1000 points will win the Warfront. However, there is a 15 minute time limit. If the time limit is reached, the team with the most points will win the Warfront.


The Codex Strategy

The best strategy to winning The Codex Warfront is to control both The Codex and either the Translation Scope (if you are Defiant) or the Statue of Thontic (if you are Guardian). Doing so will earn you 8 points compared to the other team's 4 points. Even if you lose the other node, you still will only be earning 1 less point than the other team. Thus, the most valuable node to control is The Codex.

If the other team is bad, you can simply put the majority of your team at The Codex and hold it. The rest of your team can sit at either the Translation Scope or Statue of Thontic and as long as the opposing team isn't zerging nodes, you should be able to hold them.

If the other team is good and forcefully takes over nodes (basically meaning zerging), then you must be mobile. It is still important to control The Codex and not lose it. However, if the opposing team zergs The Codex, your team must spread out and take the other 3 nodes. If the opposing team zergs The Codex but quickly leaves to move onto a new node, just simply take it back when they leave.

Basically, your strategy revolves around countering the other team. Teams typically adopt a strategy and use it for the duration of the Warfront. There are 3 main categories of how teams play:

Zerg and Camp: Zerg and Camp means that the opposing team will zerg a node, control it, and stay there. If a team does this, simply take the barely guarded 3 nodes and win by controlling 3:1.

Zerg and Move: Zerg and Move is the most common strategy. This means that the opposing team zergs one node, caps it, then moves onto another. If a team does this, just simply follow their zerg and defend the nodes they capped. It is a painful way to win, but you will steadily earn more points than them. If they are zerging a node, leave it and find the vacant ones.

Spread Out: As it states, Spreading Out means the team is evenly spread out to the nodes. If a team does this, forcefully zerg The Codex and either the Translation Scope or Statue of Thontic. Hold those 2 and win.


The Codex Video

Below is a video of The Codex Warfront.


Whitefall Steppes Guide
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Minimum Level to Queue: Level 30
Number of Players: 6-15 players
Goal: Be the first to capture 3 flags or capture the most flags after 20 minutes

S = Spawn Point
1 = Defiant Base and Flag
2 = Guardian Base and Flag

How Do You Win Whitefall Steppes?

The Whitefall Steppes Warfront is a capture the flag styled match. Each team starts on opposite sides of the map by their flag. The opposing team must collect their opponent's flag and carry it back to their flag. A team can only score a point if they successfully carry the opponent's flag back to their base while they still have their flag. You cannot capture your opponent's flag if your flag is currently taken.

Quite simply, that is all the Warfront is. You carry the flag as you would the Fang of Regulos in the Black Gardens. However, there is no damage penalty for being a Carrier. If you die, the flag is dropped on the ground. The opposing team can return the flag to their base by activating it or another member of your team can pick up and become a Carrier by activating it. After a certain amount of time, it will automatically return to its spawn point.

The first team to capture their opponent's flag 3 times wins. Or, the team with the most flag captures after 20 minutes wins.


Whitefall Steppes Strategy

Whitefall Steppes is probably my favorite Warfront between the first 3 available. To me, it requires the most teamwork and relies more on the skill of one team versus the skill of another team. You cannot zerg and win it. You cannot sit at your Spawn Point and win it. You must fight toe to toe with your opponent and outplay them.

There are two basic strategies to winning Whitefall Steppes. They are discussed below:

Moving as a Team: The first strategy is the one that works the best. You move across the entire map as a full team. At the start, try to avoid directly fighting the opposing team. Obviously, if they intentionally move to engage you midfield, you must stop as a team and fight. If you are not bothered, continue to your opponent's base and pick up the flag. Then, as a team, move together down the side of the map that is not where your opponent's Spawn Point is (If you are Defiant, travel down the West side. If you are Guardian, travel down the East side). On your way back, find whoever is carrying your flag and full out engage them. Your Carrier should stay back out of combat as to not risk dying. Fight in midfield, kill their Carrier, return your flag, then move as a team back to your base and capture the opponent's flag. This strategy requires the most teamwork and skill, but works the best.

Moving as Small Groups: This strategy is most likely what all of your Pick-up-Groups will use. In the beginning, a portion of your team will run and engage the opponents while the rest go towards the enemy base and picks up the flag. In order to be successful, you, as a player, should stick with the part of your team grabbing the flag. You should also help protect the Carrier on their way back to your base. Once the opponent's flag is safely at your base, you have two options. If you are Supportive or Healing Souls, you should stay with the Carrier to keep him alive. If you are Offensive Souls, you should try to find a small group of people and attack together to return your flag. The most important part is attacking together! Do not charge in 3 people at a time. Wait outside the opponent's base and form a small group and attack together.

In general, it is very important to focus fire Healers and Carriers in this Warfront. Find the players casting Heals and kill them or use crowd control on them. Then, find the Carrier and burn them down.

Secondly, only Defensive Souls should be carrying the flag. Do not let Mages or non-Defensive Rogues take the flag. The best carriers are Defensive Warriors or Clerics (or a Riftstalker).

Overall, stick together and use teamwork. You cannot win this Warfront by playing solo. You must cooperate, communicate, and work together to win with any type of consistency. Due to the size of the map of this Warfront and the 20 minute time limit, it can become quite frustrating playing without teamwork. You will lose more than you will win. So make your team work together!


Whitefall Steppes Video

Below is a video of the Whitefall Steppes Warfront.


The Battle for Port Scion Guide
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Minimum Level to Queue:
Number of Players:


How Do You Win Port Scion?

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Port Scion Strategy

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Port Scion Video

Below is a video of the Port Scion Warfront.

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