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Rift Dungeons Guide

This guide strives to offer complete videos and strategies for the Iron Tombs Dungeon in Rift. This is a work-in-progress, so expect new information to be added often.

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Iron Tombs Guide (Levels 17-20)

The Iron Tombs can be found North of Meridian in Freemarch. It is mainly for Defiants, although Guardians can use it if they dare to travel to it.

Faction: Defiant
Recommended Level: 17-20
Time to Clear:
Less than 30 Minutes

Iron Tombs Entrance in Freemarch

Iron Tombs Bosses

Iron Tombs Bosses
(1) Caor Ashstone
(2) The Three Kings
(3) Ragnoth the Despoiler

Iron Tombs Loot
Caor Ashstone
The Three Kings
Ragnoth the Despoiler

Iron Tombs Quests
The Outlaw
Release the March Wardens
Relics of the March Wardens
Source of the Control
You Are Who They Call
Laid to Rest

Video of an entire Iron Tombs Dungeon run

Caor Ashstone, The Three Kings, and Ragnoth the Despoiler in Iron Tombs

(1) Caor Ashstone

The first boss of Iron Tombs. Caor Ashstone is a very simple boss. He hits fairly hard and does have a lot of health, but doesn't have any special abilities. This is a simple tank and spank boss.


(2) The Three Kings

The second boss of Iron Tombs. The Three Kings consist of Humbert the Bold, Derribec the Magus, and Laric the Ascendant. The following is a list of each boss's abilities:

Humbert the Bold: He is the tank of the trio. He mainly just has a cleave. Be weary of standing in front of him or within melee range.
Derribec the Magus: He is the mage of the trio. He casts single target damage only.
Laric the Ascendant: He is the healer of the trio. He will cast Unholy Mending on himself or the other kings. This is an interruptable heal.

This event is probably the toughest in Iron Tombs. In the beginning, each king spawns separately. First, Humbert the Bold spawns. Upon his death, Derribec the Magus spawns. Upon his death, Laric the Ascendant spawns. Separately, The Three Kings are pretty easy. However, upon Laric the Ascendant's death, all 3 spawn and attack at the same time.

The kill order should always be: Laric the Ascendant, Derribec the Magus, and Humbert the Bold. Laric the Ascendant will heal throughout the fight if he is left alone. Be sure to interrupt Laric the Ascendant's Unholy Mending as much as possible!

It should also be noted that The Three Kings can be crowd-controlled. If you CC Humbert the Bold, or both Humbert the Bold and Derribec the Magus, this fight becomes extremely trivial.


(3) Ragnoth the Despoiler

The last boss of Iron Tombs. Ragnoth the Despoiler is another tough boss, but fortunately you do not have to handle multiple mobs. Ragnoth the Despoiler hits very hard, has a melee AoE, and has a fight mechanic that your group must pay attention to.

Every 30 seconds or so, Ragnoth the Despoiler will begin casting Flames of Ragnoth. At this time, Eliam's Ghost will appear and offer you a protective sphere. You must reach and stand inside the sphere before Ragnoth the Despoiler finishes his cast. If you do not, you will take a lot of damage and probably die if you aren't the tank. Once the Flames of Ragnoth finishes, you can leave the sphere and return to fighting.

It is suggested that someone in your party pay attention to this mechanic and inform the rest of the group to find Eliam's Ghost. Avoiding Flames of Ragnoth is a very important part of the fight.

Other than Flames of Ragnoth, simply do not stand in melee range if you do not have to. Keep the tank alive and you should defeat Ragnoth the Despoiler.


Iron Tombs Loot

Caor Ashstone's Loot

The Three Kings's Loot

Ragnoth the Despoiler's Loot

Iron Tombs Quests

(1) The Outlaw
Starts with: Faceless Man in Meridian
Ends with: Eliam's Ghost

(2) Release the March Wardens
Starts with: Automatic
Kill: Caor Ashstone
Kill: The Three Kings
Kill: Ragnoth the Despoiler
Ends with: Quest Log

(3) Relics of the March Warden
Starts with: Eliam's Ghost
Collect: Staff of Derribec by killing Derribec the Magus
Collect: Horn of Humbert by killing Humbert the Bold
Collect: Targe of Laric by killing Laric the Ascendant
Ends with: Faceless Man in Meridian

(4) Source of the Control
Starts with: Eliam's Ghost
Collect: Sourcestone Amulets
Ends with: Faceless Man in Meridian

Sourcestone Amulets underneath the stairs. Use the Light Orbs to kill the Shadetouched. Just simply run into the Light Orbs to activate them.

(5) You Are Who They Call
Starts with: Davian Crow
Use: Spectral Bane on 10 Spectral Screamers
Ends with: Spectral Lock

Spectral Lock and Spectral Screamers by The Three Kings. These are only available after you defeat The Three Kings.

(6) Laid to Rest
Starts with: Tobias Leighton
Kill: 3 Death Shards
Ends with: Tobias Leighton

Location of the 3 Death Shards. These will spawn zombies the lower health they are. Be cautious when destroying these!