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Rift Dungeons Guide

This guide strives to offer complete videos and strategies for every dungeon in Rift. This is a work-in-progress, so expect new walkthroughs to be added often. Click a link below to view the guide for that dungeon.

Please do not steal our work. We work very hard on these guides. We would never think about stealing your work, so please don't steal ours. Thank you.

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Defiant Dungeons
Iron Tombs Guide (Levels 17-21) - Freemarch
Deepstrike Mines Guide (Levels 23-27) - Stonefield
Fall of Lantern Hook Guide (Levels 42-46) - Droughtlands
Charmer's Caldera Guide (Levels 48-50) - Shimmersand

Guardian Dungeons
Realm of the Fae Guide (Levels 17-21) - Silverwood
Darkening Deeps Guide (Levels 23-27) - Gloamwood
Runic Descent Guide (Levels 38-42) - Moonshade Highlands

Shared Dungeons
Foul Cascade Guide (Levels 28-32) - Scarlet Gorge
King's Breach Guide (Levels 33-37) - Scarwood Reach
Abyssal Precipice Guide (Levels 48-50) - Iron Pine Peak

Expert Dungeons - Tier One
Realm of the Fae Guide (Level 50)
Iron Tombs Guide (Level 50)
The Foul Cascade Guide (Level 50)
King's Breach Guide (Level 50)
Fall of Lantern Hook Guide (Level 50)

Expert Dungeons - Tier Two
Darkening Deeps Guide (Level 50)
Deepstrike Mine Guide (Level 50)
Runic Descent Guide (Level 50)
Abyssal Precipice Guide (Level 50)
Charmer's Caldera Guide (Level 50)